Pandora has been around for years, and thus has a rich history. It is one of the oldest events hosted by Inter-Actief.

This archive page exists since 2014 and conveys information about earlier Pandora editions. Little is known about the older editions. Before 2017 Pandora was held in Dutch and thus the archive about editions earlier than 2017 will be in Dutch (we are sorry for any inconvenience). If you happen to have information regarding earlier Pandora editions please contact the current committee or send a mail to contact@inter-actief.net if no committee has been appointed yet.

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Puzzle Manual

The Alliance



Pandora's Observers

CIA: Operation Pandora

Team Score
1 TuinfeesT 748
2 Rolstruik 729
3 мой маленький пони 699
4 De Jonge Woudlopers 677
5 Partners in Crime 653
Dag 2
  1. Feelings of summer
  2. Draaipuzzel
  3. Venn
  4. Anagram
  5. Biometrics
  6. Veni, vidi, reveni (is niet digitaal beschikbaar omdat deze alleen fysiek op te lossen was)
  7. Foo Bar
  8. Yet Another Rebus


Deze Pandora was het de opdracht om je eigen pizzeria beginnen. Zie pizzer-ia.nl.

Pandora's Heir

The Pandora Project

Pithos de Pandora

Link naar een Blog over deze Pandora

Pandora TV: Pandaprijs

Pandora Paradise


1 Team Osato

Pandora: Familie Scordia

Pandora (very evil, very nice)




Pandora Assassination Game: James Bond

Look back even further?

We do not have information about older Pandora editions. Do you happen to have relevant information for the archive page, please send a mail to contact@inter-actief.net (stating it is about the Pandora archive). If a Pandora committee is active at this time the board will forward the mail to them. They will then post the new information here.