More Than a Degree

This year's Pandora committee has been nominated for the More Than a Degree awards in the committee category. The More Than a Degree awards is an award ceremony for the most active boards, committees and students. Each category contains three nominees. The winners will be determined through a voting system, a jury and the people that are present at the awards.


You can vote for Pandora through the voting system.

The award show

We would also like to invite everyone to come to the award show on the Friday the 21st of October at 16:00h in the Waaier. You can also show your support for Pandora there! The Facebook event can be found here.

For participants

We hope you've had just as much fun as we did this year! If you liked this years Pandora and want to show your support then please vote for us. You can also find all the scores here or browse through the archive if you want to relive your memories.

For non-participants

Maybe you have already seen some people running around with pool noodles and blow darts on the campus last year and wonder why. This is because of Pandora! Every year during one week in May the event is held and the campus floods with people running around trying to "kill" each other and to find puzzles. On this website you can find more information about what Pandora is and how it is played, the pictures and videos of this year's edition and all the puzzles (including solutions). Try to solve some of the puzzles if you like a challenge!

What we have learned

During the organization of Pandora we learned a lot about running a committee and organizing activities. Every week for seven months we had a meeting/brainstorm of ±4 hours. This taught us a lot about working together, how to structure meetings and how to manage all the creativity. During the organization we also communicated with a lot of external parties. Examples include the Student Union, Pro Deo, Asito, Saxion film students, and also other committees of Inter-Actief. We also communicated with all the participants, in business theme of course, all the while learning to properly balance our attitude between professional and informal. We learned how to create websites, promotional videos and how to organize drinks. We even learned about stock markets by creating our own online variant with a bit of advice from a game theory teacher. We also got quite good at creating and polishing puzzles. But one of the most important things we learned was how to best use the enthusiasm of your audience. Motivating people to create their own website for their company, allowing them to give a pitch in front of the whole audience or having them participate in an auction. All of this was a great way to enhance the whole experience in an efficient way.

During the week itself we ran a 24/7 available room, including a phone line for hints. This taught us how to manage stress and a lack of sleep (not only your own lack of sleep, but also the lack of sleep of others). We were forced to be very efficient in communication and tactfully plan daily internal meetings, which is hard taking into account personal day/night work shifts, participant meetings and ad hoc preparation. It was quite a large event and an intense week, but we feel like we have had a lot of fun and also managed create a nice atmosphere and keep a close connection with the teams. We had 145 participants from differing studies, but we worked hard to involve and unite everyone by f.e. making diverse puzzles, meeting with inexperienced participants before the event, and showing everybody what cool stuff happened during the week. It was a great experience!